Do It Yourself Home Inspection Could Be Deadly

Some people think that they'll do their own home inspection.

There are lots of reasons not to even attempt to perform your own home inspection.

Here's one reason that could make your do it yourself home inspection deadly.

The picture of this back widow spider was taken during an actual home inspection.

Many people don't think of the hazards of going into places in a home that aren't entered often. There can be many hazards and dangers lurking in these areas.

Experienced home inspectors are familiar with the risks. They're willing to take these risks to provide you with a thorough home inspection so that you're fully advised about the property you're going to be calling home.

Wouldn't you want to know this was lurking in your new home?

black widow spider found by home inspector

Home Inspection Arlington, TX, A-Action provided this stunning photo from an actual home inspection. This one is certainly a home inspection nightmare.

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