Foundation Support Is Home Inspection Nightmare

Home inspection nightmares come in many shapes and sizes.

For someone buying a home it's important to have an inspection so you can know what's going on with the home in the places you didn't see during your walkthru.

One of these places is the crawlspace of the home. And this space can reveal a lot of issues. I'm sure you can understand how important a strong foundation and proper foundation support are to the well-being of your home.

Without a solid, strong, and properly installed foundation and support, your home is subject to massive damage. This may come over time with sagging and slanting of the home. Or in a powerful enough storm the damage could be massive and happen suddenly. (Picture what would happen to a house if it fell off it's supports.

That's why pictures like this are true home inspection nightmares.

foundation support nightmare

This is nowhere near being a strong, properly installed foundation support.

There is no footing under it.  Wrong materials used.

No structural integrity to this pier.

OOPS. This can cause a floor failure or much worse.

Thanks to Charlotte Home Inspection Company, Starmark Inspection, for this picture from an actual home inspection in Charlotte.

They regularly see home inspection nightmares and can help protect you from buying that nightmare home.

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