Home Inspection Reveals Support Nightmare

During this inspection in Texas, the home inspection reveals a support nightmare.

What is being supported needs to be resting on and touching the support system at every point. If it is not, then the house is not properly supported. This can lead to sags and cracks in the home. And possibly even worse.

Crawlspace Support Missing Is Home Inspection Nightmare

This is how a competent home inspector can help protect you. During the walk-through of the home you will not be going into the crawlspace. The inspector will.

The crawlspaces of homes can reveal a lot about their current condition and can help you to be aware of problems that are looming in your future if you buy this home.

Thanks to Ricky Ellis, a home inspector in Plano. TX for sharing this picture.

This clearly shows the type of home inspection nightmare a good home inspector can protect you from buying.

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