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Dallas Inspector Puts a Show Together of Various Roof Damages

Dallas Home Inspector puts a show together of various roof damages and their causes. All causes of roof damages lead to more home inspection nightmares for homeowners. One thing to remember is that Roof Damages usually cannot be seen from the ground.  

Charlotte Home Inspector Reveals a Roof Tuss Modification

Dangerous Roof Truss Modification is found. A Charlotte home inspector uncovers a home inspection nightmare, a modification to the roof truss that weakens the strength of the roof system. Starmark Inspection has shown how installing attic steps can result in a dangerous roof structure.  

Sewer Gas In Attic Is Home Inspection Nightmare

Having sewer gas in your attic is a sure home inspection nightmare. As pointed out in this video, not only is having sewer gas in your attic nasty to smell… but the problem also requires both a plumber and a roofer to fix the problem. Just what you need right after you move into your … Continue reading Sewer Gas In Attic Is Home Inspection Nightmare