Sewer Gas In Attic Is Home Inspection Nightmare

Having sewer gas in your attic is a sure home inspection nightmare.

As pointed out in this video, not only is having sewer gas in your attic nasty to smell… but the problem also requires both a plumber and a roofer to fix the problem.

Just what you need right after you move into your new home right? Not!

After closing on your new home the last thing you want is to have to spend money for a plumber and a roofer to fix problems you should have known about before closing.

If this issue is not repaired promptly it could cause even more problems because the opening in the roof is letting in rain which will lead to even more damage and mold growth.

Check out the video:

I'm sure the customer was thankful for Allan's service. Finding this problem allowed the buyer to successfully negotiate to have a plumber and roofer to repair this problem, allowing the buyer to avoid paying for the repair out of his pocket.

We're thankful too that Allan shared this video. He's a home inspector in Louisville, KY.

What do you think? Is having sewer gas in your new home a home inspection nightmare?

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