Home Inspector Discovers Dangerous Gas Water Heater

Hot water is something a lot of people take for granted in their homes. We're all so used to just turning on the faucet or shower and there it it – wonderful warm water to use to wash up. Ah, that feeling of being clean is so nice…

But what if the equipment that creates that hot water, the water heater, is not properly installed?

We often don't realize just how dangerous this equipment within our homes can be. We feel safe in our homes. But as this video shows your water heater can be dangerous. This flue from a gas water heater would spew dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It makes you sleepy, you fall asleep and never wake up.

Carbon monoxide has killed many people, including children.

Make sure the home you're buying is safe. Have it checked out by a professional home inspector before you go to closing.

Video by Atlanta Home Inspector

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