A Home Inspection Nightmare That’ll Make You Tingle

Just looking at this home inspection nightmare picture makes me tingle.

The picture shows an electrical cable that is siting in water in the crawlspace.

You've probably heard that water and electricity are not a good combination. In fact, they're a recipe for serious injury or death by electrocution.

home inspection nightmare live cable

You wanna touch it? Go ahead, it's not live.

But only cause the breaker is off at the service panel.

If the breaker was turned on, this cable would be live and would be a horrible hazard to anyone that entered this space – you, a family member, a service tech, your pet…

Just thinking about inspecting this crawlspace makes me tingly all over.

Thanks to Reid Guthrie, Home Inspection Seattle, for submitting this picture.

This is definitely a home inspection nightmare.

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